We investigated how maternal endothelial function is affected by pregestational (Type 1) diabetes mellitus (PGDM) or gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and/or chronic hypertension (chHT) or gestational hypertension (PIH).


We conducted a prospective, observational study involving 78 participants with GDM, PGDM and/or hypertension (PIH-16, GDM + PIH-14, PGDM + chHT-8, PGDM-20, GDM-20) in the third trimester of a singleton viable pregnancy. Twenty healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies matched for gestational age served as controls. We analysed maternal data, disease history and serum concentrations of E-selectin and Vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 (sVCAM-1).


Only the maternal serum concentration of sVCAM-1 differed significantly among the subgroups (p< 0.0001), with the highest levels evident in women with PIH or GDM + PIH and the lowest in women with PGDM alone or PGDM + chHT.


Pregestational or pregnancy associated disorders, although sharing similar clinical symptoms, have a different impact on endothelial function in pregnant women.


cell adhesion molecules; hypertension; pregnancy; type 1 diabetes; vascular endothelium